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Various lines of research are currently underway in collaboration with the Museu Balear de Ciències Naturals. These studies, carried out by external collaborators with the institutional support of the MBCN, embrace different fields in Natural History research: faunal analysis and taxonomy of invertebrates, mycological flora, speleology and biospeleology, studies on karst, micropaleontology, paleoichthyology, historical documentation, biological mapping, etc. Some of the studies are carried out in collaboration with other national and international institutions. Additionally, the collections of the Museum are also a fundamental object of study as a complementary task in their cataloguing and conservation.
  Open Lines of Study:
  • Terrestrial isopod crustaceans of the Balearics and of the Iberian Peninsula (Lluc Garcia)
  • Decapod crustaceans in the Balearic sea (Lluc Garcia)
  • Chrysomelid beetles on the Balearics (Antoni Sacarés)
  • Mycological flora of the Balearics  (Mycology Section of the Museum)
  • Study of fossil fish of the Balearics (Guillem Mas)
  • Terrestrial cavernicolous fauna of the Balearics (Mateu Vadell, Lluc Garcia)
  • Speleological exploration of karstic caves (Mateu Vadell, Damià Crespí)
  • Studies on karst (Dr. Àngel Ginés)
  • Micropaleontology (Drs. Guillem Mateu Mateu i Guillem Mateu Vicens)
  • Classificació de Quilòpodes de les Balears i de la Península Ibèrica (Mateu Vadell)

  Scientific articles
Guillem Colom
Juan Bauzá
William Waldren
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